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GED Math Practice Test

GED Math Practice Test

It’s great that you’re here, researching the GED Math test.  Before you read onward can I encourage you to to visit my How to Pass the GED blog when you finish reading this article?  Thanks.

Do you need a GED math practice test as you study for the math portion of the GED test?  Many visitors to this site are looking to print off something from the Internet.  But to do that would take 50-100 pages of paper.  A much better alternative is to buy a good GED math practice test book.  Here are some good ones.

An Excellent GED Math Practice Test book from McGraw-Hill

McGraw-Hill’s GED Mathematics Workbook is well regarded as an inexpensive guide to GED math.  A teacher of 20 years experience called this book “the best GED math text book on the market right now.”

Perhaps most importantly, a GED student had this to say about McGraw-Hill’s GED Mathematics Workbook:

Passed my GED math with a 600.  Which is actually really great considering math was my worst subject in school. I’m really grateful for this book and it’s rather cheap in comparison to other books that I purchased that did not help me at all. The main things to focus on are fractions. If you can do those you can pass the GED with flying colors and this book really helped me. I recommend it to anyone in serious need of math help. Very easy to understand and learn from.Why are books so much better than bouncing around the Internet looking for scraps of information on GED math practice tests?

An Old Friend:  Use Cliff Notes to improve your GED Math Score

I’ve used Cliff Notes once or twice to review a book I was reading.  You probably have seen Cliff Notes and used them in high school.

CliffsNotes Math Review for Standardized Tests might be a good choice for studying math for the GED if you like their format.

If money is hard to come by, purchase a gently used book on GED Math

Not everyone likes a certain book.  We purchase books because they appeal to us.  Sometimes we purchase a book because it’s affordable..

McGraw-Hill’s GED Mathematics Workbook.  At the time of this writing, a used book ordered on the Internet cost $1.99.  Shipping a little bit more.  It’s the same book as the one at the beginning of this article, except it’s $8 cheaper.  And a little bit used by another person.

My Best Advice

In my research about the GED, in speaking to 20 year old’s who have dropped out of high school, I think their greatest fear about the GED test is the math portion of the test.

If you are a high school drop out reading this blog, you might think that you’re not good with math.  But let me assure you, after teaching perhaps 10,000 people how to use computers, the greatest fear/weakness people have is about numbers.  I’ve seen very bright people literally freeze in a classroom when I’ve gently asked them a mathematical question.

You are not alone in your fears about math.  Many people are uncomfortable with math.

But you do need to conquer math to pass the GED.  My best advice is to purchase a good book, study it six days a week, complete the book, and then take your GED test.

I have faith in your success in passing the GED.  Now that you’ve finished this article, please visit my How to Pass the GED blog.  Thanks.


Free GED Training

Free GED Training

Yes, there actually seems to be some hope and free GED training for people who never finished high school.  Free help in studying for the GED, a temporary job in the construction trade while you learn, and money for your efforts.  Basically, GED help, a job, and cash all at the same time.

It’s called a Youthbuild grant.  It’s money from the Federal government given to non-profits to fund Youthbuild programs.

Federal Grant Allows Students to Earn a GED and Learn Construction Skills

GED constructionI found out about this program when I found an article on the Internet talking about a Youthbuild Program in Southwestern Illinois .  The article describes 3 places in Illinois you could contact to learn about Youthbuild programs:  Godfrey College (I believe this is the Lewis and Clark College, the Godfrey, IL campus), Springfield Urban League (Springfield, IL), and United Methodist’s Children’s Home (Mount Vernon, IL).

If you need a GED, job training, and some money for your efforts in Illinois, you now have 3 places to research.

Department of Labor Funds $100 Million for Youthbuild Projects and Free GED Training

I estimate the Department of Labor is funding $100 million for these programs.  Youthbuild grants seem to be nationwide in nature.  If you are a high school dropout, your real question should be:  How do I find such a program?

Need Free GED Training? Locate a Youthbuild Program

Finding a Youthbuild program will just take you 5 minutes on the computer.  Find a location and call for an appointment.  Then go there tomorrow.  When you Locate a Youthbuild Program, be sure to search both by zip code and your state.  Do it first by zip code.  Then do it by your state.  I tried it and received different results than I expected.

Is there a Youthbuild Program in my State?

There are now 273 YouthBuild programs in 45 states, Washington, DC, and the Virgin Islands. 92,000 YouthBuild students have built 19,000 units of affordable, increasingly green, housing since 1994.

It’s a Chance at Free GED Training, Give it a Try

That’s all I can help you with today.  If you followed through and actually contacted a Youthbuild program, please comment on my blog.  Better still, if you get a GED/job training because of this blog article and Youthbuild, tell others about the program, and let me know.

Here’s advice on studying for the GED.  There may be free GED training in your state like the Youthbuild program but you must look for it.

Oklahoma GED

If I was a high school dropout and I lived in Oklahoma, I would check out the Thunderbird Youth Academy.

“Recruitment continues for prospective cadets in Thunderbird Youth Academy’s next class, which begins July 18. Because the program is operated as a public service of the Oklahoma National Guard, no tuition is required.”

For brief information on this apparently free GED training in Oklahoma, read this article.

In reading the Thunderbird Youth Academy website it seems a little unclear to me whether this free program focuses solely on helping participants pass the GED test.  But I do believe this Oklahoma program is an alternative that any 16 – 20 year old high school dropout in Oklahoma should consider investigating.  Free intensive educational training for the GED is hard to find in many states.

If you are a high school drop out in Oklahoma under the age of 20, take a moment to study the Thunderbird Youth Academy.

(I have no relationship to the Thunderbird Youth Academy and don’t receive any fees for referring you to their site.  It just seems like a good idea.)

Studying for the GED

Studying for the GED?  Studying how people lose weight might be a good place to start.

If you’re like most high school dropouts (unfortunate phrase), you wish you could take the GED test immediately and pass it.  There’s only one problem.

You’re not good enough yet.  You need to study for the GED first.

Studying and improving your various skills prior to taking the GED test is a bit like dieting.

You think you can lose weight on your own, but you probably can’t lose weight on your own.  You don’t have a support group encouraging you in your weight loss.

Losing weight is very much like studying for the GED.  You think you’re smart, maybe you are smart.  You think you can study a few GED topics and then pass the test.  But months become years and you soon find yourself a father or mother of two kids.  There’s not enough time.  The kids come first.  Soon, soon you’ll begin studying for the GED.

As you become  older, life becomes more complex.  Your responsibilities increase.  Your free time decreases.

As someone on Weight Watchers I can tell you I thought I could lose weight on my own.  But I finally acknowledged that I needed a group environment with an instructor to lead and support me  in my weight loss efforts.

The teacher provides professional guidance.  The group environment and the friendships you make encourage you to attend your Weight Watcher meeting.  You keep track of your small successes (losing a few pounds a week) and soon you discover you’re losing weight.

How will you study to pass your GED?

  1. You might study alone. Not your best idea.  If you had the iron discipline needed to study alone, you probably would not have dropped out of high school.  Also, what books or methods will you use to study for the GED?  Most people don’t have a method or an idea on how to study for the GED test.
  2. You might study with a few friends.  Although admirable, those study sessions will rapidly become TV nights or unofficial beer nights.
  3. Studying at a local GED class. Sounds boring, doesn’t it.  But a structured environment with a good teacher, supported by other people working towards the same goal, is probably your best idea.

So ironically, after dropping out of high school last year, or 5 years ago, or two “grown kids” ago, you’ll be back in a classroom working on your skills, and taking tests to measure your own skills.  With a decent motivated teacher, going to GED classes regularly, you can prepare yourself to take and pass the GED test.

Find a local GED class and get started today.  Studying for the GED is a lot like losing weight. A structured environment with group support will help you meet your goals.

Can I take the GED test on the Internet?

It’s a great idea.

Why hasn’t someone already thought of this idea?

Sadly, and reasonably, the answer is, “No, you can’t take the GED test on the Internet.”

Don’t take my word for it, since you’re Internet savvy, go to Wikipedia to research the GED test.

There are 3200 testing centers in the U.S. and Canada currently.  And the cost for taking the all day GED test can range from less than $10 to $100.  It all depends on the state you live in and the testing center you attend.

We certainly have the technology to administer a GED test online, but there’s too many people who might cheat in taking it.  For the same reason college entrance exams are done in testing centers.  the GED test is administered with close supervision in testing centers.

But don’t worry.  Even though you can’t take the GED test on the Internet, you can study various parts of the GED test on the Internet.

Although it’s old fashioned, visiting your local library for a GED test preparation book or purchasing a GED test book from Amazon is a great idea.

You can study for  the GED in the comfort of your own home (if you’re diligent).  But you need to take the GED test at a local testing center.

Best wishes and good luck with your studies.

GED Scams

GED Scams

Sadly, there are GED scams on the Internet. There are so many high school dropouts and many of them visit the Internet.  The Internet is a perfect method for allowing unscrupulous people a chance to build GED scams for the uneducated. Let’s look at the most basic GED scams.

GED Scam #1:  Getting a GED Online

Yes I know, the name of  this site is online GED site .  I chose that name to attract Internet visitors so I could tell GED students that they absolutely cannot take a GED test online and then get a GED.

Since the late 1940’s the GED or General Equivalency Diploma has been granted only to people who pass a day long series of tests in a supervised testing environment.  If you have time, you need to learn more about the GED test on Wikipedia.

You can study for the GED online, but you certainly can’t sit in front of your computer at home and pass an official GED test using the Internet.  GED tests are offered at official GED test sites with direct supervision.  GED tests are a very structured event.

GED Scam #2:  Online High School Programs that Offer Quick Degrees

There are numerous online high schools on the Internet.  But finding an online high school that offers a degree that employers and/or colleges will accept is the problem.

Here’s some advice: if getting an online high school diploma seems too easy, most likely it isn’t worth the effort.

More advice: Some of these online high schools have some very flowery web pages talking about their accreditation.  Read those pages carefully.  You may find that they talk about the importance of accreditation, when in fact they aren’t accredited.  Again, buyer beware.

There’s more advice on how to avoid GED scams at the end of this blog article.

GED Scam #3:  Entering College before you Pass Your GED

scams collegeIt’s my understanding that you can’t enter college and attend college classes until you have a high school diploma or a GED (not to mention good grades).

But a tiny minority of for profit colleges commit fraud by enrolling students and allowing them to attend classes even though they haven’t finished high school or passed their GED.  Fraud happens when schools process students without high school degress or a GED for their college and then help students falsely apply for student loans.  Most college loan applications require the applicant to have a high school degree or a GED.

“…sentenced in federal court for his role in a conspiracy to fraudulently obtain nearly $362,000 in federal financial aid for ineligible students by providing false general equivalency diplomas (GEDs) and falsifying financial aid forms.”

Why would a few bad admissions counselors break the law to admit ineligible people to a college?  Money is the answer.

How do you avoid some of these GED scams?

Go backwards.

For  example, perhaps you think that the XYZ Online High School looks legitimate to you, do two things:

  1. Ask the XYZ Online High School for the names of colleges where their online high school degree is accepted for entrance to college.  An institution proud of its program will be glad to tell you about its graduates and the colleges they attended.
  2. Phone or call a local junior college and ask for the admissions counselor.  Tell them you’re interested in attending their college and you are wondering if a online high school degree from the XYZ Online High School will qualify as a high school diploma.
  3. Use the Better Business Bureau for research.  Before you spend money on an online high school degree, research any complaints against that company at the Better Business Bureau.  The BBB has been helping consumers for decades.

A Few Conclusions on GED Scams

Most people and their GED programs and services are decent, and legal.  But there are those that profit from GED scams that are quite sophisticated.

Do your background checks on anyone offering “online GED’s” or online high school diploma degrees that are easy to acquire (for money).  Your best option for avoiding GED scams is to just study for the GED test, take the test at an official testing site, and pass the GED test the old fashioned way:  honestly.

GED or High School Graduation

If you’re asking yourself this question, most likely you’re in high school considering whether to stay in high school or drop out and get a GED later.

The short answer?  Stay in high school and graduate.

The U.S. has a 30% high school drop out rate.  In some large urban areas, the drop out rate is in the 40’s.  So a lot of young people are dropping out of  high school.

They’re bored with school.  Perhaps they are pregnant.  They are bullied in high school.  They have fallen behind in their studies and feel like they’ll never catch up with the rest of the class.  They feel stupid, even if they aren’t.  They need to make money for their family to survive.  Some teenagers are homeless, surviving on the streets, and high school is the least of their problems.  Some kids are on drugs.  Some kids think  they are smart enough to drop out of high school and pass the GED soon after they drop out.

All these reasons are valid, but stay in high school.  Even if it takes maybe a 5th year to graduate from high school, keep at it.

Practically speaking, if you thought high school was  tough, do you think you’ll be able to better focus on your studies for a GED after high school.

It’s harder getting a GED after high school because:

  1. Now you have one or two kids.
  2. You need two jobs because one job doesn’t pay enough at high school drop out wages.
  3. You’re depressed.
  4. Your parents are counting on you even more now that you can work full  time.
  5. Now that you are an adult, you party like an adult and find your precious study time slipping away.
  6. You’re in jail (high school dropouts are more likely to end up in jail).

Since you are researching the phrase GED or High School  Graduation on the Internet, it proves you’re actually a bright young person.  You are looking at your alternatives.

Graduating from high school means taking various 1 hour tests, writing papers, sitting in class over a 4 year period.  Not once did anyone ask you to take a 7 hour test during high school.

Passing a GED test means sitting for a supervised 7 hour test in a strange environment surrounded by people you don’t know who don’t care how well you do on the test.  The GED test site people will be helpful, but taking a 7 hour test to pass the GED won’t be fun.

GED or High School Graduation?  Stay in high school, get counseling for the problems you might be having (poor grades, pregnancy, need part-time work).  Tell anyone who will listen that you need help in getting your high school diploma.

Good luck and best wishes.

Cheat on GED Test

Cheat on GED Test

Some people want to cheat on their GED test.

Cheating on a 45 minute History test in high school might have been easy for you (I never did it.)  But cheating on the GED test won’t be easy.  Perhaps your best quick advice is to “cheat” on the GED using GED books on Amazon to prepare for the GED test.

Can you cheat on the GED test?

All morality aside, cheating on the GED test will be extremely difficult. Here are some of the reasons cheating is too difficult.

#1 GED Cheat Prevention: the test supervisor

cheat preventionGED tests are taken with a test supervisor over 7 hours.  The test supervisor is paid to supervise an honest test. And their usually is a manager for the test who might observe that all procedures are taken to avoid cheating. Do you honestly think you can bring in cheat papers to such a test?  I don’t think so.

#2 GED Cheat Prevention: the tests are different

GED tests are different.  In a testing room, the GED test you take may be different than the test of another person. Again, how can you cheat on a GED test when you don’t know what version of the test you will receive? The GED test isn’t the same test given to everyone, week after week. The tests are different, but the topics remain the same.

#3 GED Cheat Prevention: some states require an extra test

Also, some states like Illinois have an extra test:  a test on the U.S. constitution. Some states might also have questions regarding their specific state. This has nothing to do with the GED test standards but everything to do with a U.S. state giving out the same test they give to perhaps high school seniors (even though you aren’t 18 anymore).

On the Internet, you’ll find discussions on how to cheat on the GED test.  The advice is always the same.  Study the GED, take practice tests, and then pass the GED test.

Final Conclusion:  To Cheat on the GED Test is just Cheating Yourself

This GED online site has lots of advice.  Good luck with your GED.

Finding methods to cheat on the GED test won’t be easy, so it’s better to learn the material and just pass the GED test.  Visit GED books on Amazon, purchase a good book with good reviews, and study it every day.  It will be the best money you ever spent on your career.

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