Orlando, Florida GED

Orlando Florida GED

Looking for GED classes in Orlando, Florida?  Of all my Florida visitors to my website, most come Orlando, Florida.  Keep reading and you’ll find specific help on locating GED help your city.

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Here’s quick Orlando, Florida, GED Advice

Wherever you live, I can tell the 3 quickest ways to find honest, unbiased help on finding GED help.

  1. Find your state’s GED website on the Internet, read it, and study it.
  2. Visit your public library and ask a research librarian for GED courses and GED tests in your city.
  3. Visit a non-profit community college and ask to speak to an admissions counselor about GED services in your community.

First Step, Visit the State of Florida’s Official GED Site for Information

You can visit my Florida GED page or just read this section.  This is the Official Florida GED Site.  Within that site you will find a complete list of Florida GED Testing Centers.  If you’re more comfortable emailing or using a phone, below is contact information for the State of Florida and the GED.

Phone: (850) 245-0449
Toll Free: 1-877-352-4331
E-mail Help Line: flgedhelp@fldoe.org

Finding GED testing centers and GED classes in Orlando, Florida

I would offer three basic methods for finding GED help in Orlando, Florida.

  1. Use the State of Florida website, find testing centers in Orlando, and call them for more information.
  2. Research Orlando Florida GED using the Google search engine (then Yahoo, then Bing).
  3. Visit your local community college in Orlando, Florida.

Use the State of Florida website

The State of Florida GED website lists only one official GED testing center in Orlando, Florida.  See below.

Orange County
Orange County School Board
445 West Amelia Street, 6th floor
Orlando, FL 32801
Phone: (407) 317-3200

Research Orlando, Florida GED using Google

When searching for Orlando, Florida GED on Google, a few results caught my eye.  If I needed Florida GED help or GED help in Orlando, Florida, I would call the Florida Literacy Coalition during the daytime.

Florida Literacy Coalition

250 N. Orange Avenue
Suite 1110
Orlando, FL 32801
Phone (407) 246-7110
Fax (407) 246-7104

Email: info@floridaliteracy.org

Florida Literacy State Hotline: 1-800-237-5113

 FLC promotes reading and raises awareness about literacy issues in Florida. A trained referral specialist provides on call information about education programs and volunteer opportunities in communities throughout the state.

Always Research Local Community Colleges

As I always do, I searched local community colleges in hopes of finding GED help or test centers.  I was able to find free GED training at Seminole State College.

Admission to the Adult Basic Education (ABE) or GED programs for students who are 18 years of age or older is offered year-round at no cost to students.

My best advice for finding GED study help in Orlando, Florida

I have two major pieces of advice:

  1. Contact the Florida Literacy Coalition.
  2. Make an appointment to visit Seminole State College for free GED courses.

Why does a guy from Chicago, IL care about Orlando, Florida high school dropouts?

If there’s any group of people who need to be taught classes and encouraged to succeed, it’s the 7000 people who drop out of  high school every day.  And this 7000 people per day don’t even count the 30 million adult Americans over the age of 18 who never finished high school.  Thirty million people, without a high school degree.

One day, I hope to offer online GED training programs to high school dropouts.  It won’t be free.  But it will be the best GED training and support I and my staff can offer.

Please join my email list on this website to receive helpful GED information and GED stories of success via email.  Thanks.

Here’s hoping this article helped you in your efforts to find GED help in Orlando, Florida.

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