New York City GED

New York City GED

Looking for GED classes in New York City, hopefully this article will help.

(Or, if you’re looking to answer the question “Can I take the GED test on the Internet”. you can research that question here.)

I love New York City

Before I begin, let me say I live in Chicago and I love NYC.  I’ve been to NYC only 3 times, and each time was memorable.  And now that I write this blog on helping people study and pass the GED, I have found that many people who visit come from New York City and its boroughs.  So thanks NYC, this GED article is for you.

First Step, Visit New York State’s Official GED Site for Information

If you have any question about taking the GED test in New York State, visiting New York State’s official website at New York State GED Web Site is essential.

Finding GED testing centers and GED classes in the Five Boroughs

I would offer four basic methods for finding GED help in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island.

  1. The State of New York does list GED testing centers on their official website.  Visit New York State GED Test Centers for further information.  But they list GED help by County, not borough.  If you use the New York State website remember this.  The Bronx and Queens are in counties of the same name.  But the borough of Manhattan is in a county named New York.  The borough of Brooklyn is in a county named Kings.  The borough of Staten Island is in a county named Richmond.
  2. The State of New York does list GED help (this is different than a testing center) using its same “map method” described in step one.  Visit New York State GED Preparation Programs to find help in your borough/county.  I cannot emphasize this enough:  There are more GED preparation centers than GED testing centers, just use the New York State GED website to get help.
  3. Use the Internet.  When in doubt, just use Google to search for the name of your borough and the phrase GED.  For example, you would search for Bronx GED.
  4. Go to your local public library or local politician.  Before we had the Internet, we had public  libraries.  A local librarian will probably do more for you than a computerized search.  Go to a library, find the research desk, be especially nice, and ask the reference librarian for help (and then thank them).  Surprisingly, you may find a local politician that’s helpful.  If you know the location of a local politician or go to the President of your Borough, you may find help you never expected.

GED help in the Bronx

Searching on the phrase Bronx GED on Google, one organization caught my eye, Good Shepherd Services.  The Good Shepherd Services GED web page seems well built, if you are in the Bronx, research their GED services.

GED help in Brooklyn

Please remember, if you research the New York State GED Preparation Centers web page, the borough of Brooklyn isn’t listed.  But the county of  Kings is  listed (Brooklyn is in that county).

Searching for the phrase Brooklyn GED in Google, I immediately found help at the Brooklyn Public Library.  Visit the Brooklyn Public Library GED web page for more information.  (God bless librarians.)

GED help in Manhattan

Please remember, if you research the New York State GED Preparation Centers web page, the borough of Manhattan isn’t listed.  But the county of  New York is  listed (Manhattan is in that county).

A simple Google search for Manhattan GED yields a nice map giving you hope that GED preparation centers are close at hand in Manhattan.   Remember, just because the Internet says there’s a GED preparation center near you,  doesn’t make  it  true.  Only visiting these sites in person or calling can verify they offer GED help.

Manhattan GED Prep Sites

GED help in Queens

Searching for Queens GED in Google I found possible links to the Queens Library, the City University of New York, and a few other organizations.

GED help in Staten Island

Something here…

Staten Island GED Prep Sites

GED NYC help in Spanish

The State of New York does offer help for taking the GED test in Spanish.  Visit New York State GED in Spanish for further information.  If you know a friend who speaks Spanish and is a high school dropout in the State of New York, tell him about New York State GED in Spanish.

Why does a guy from Chicago, IL care about New York City high school dropouts?

First, I do  love New York City and wanted to offer some hope for its high school dropouts.  Every time I’ve visited NYC, the people have been kind to me and my family.  Secondly, many people from NYC visit this website, so I thought I would do my best to give them solid GED advice and help.

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  1. I love your website and follow you on Twitter. Thanks for including a specific article on New York City. We are working hard to increase the pass rate here. One of the actions that has been taken by a consortium of folks including the New York City Council and Department of Education, was to create a website called So far it includes a tool to search for GED classes by zip code, borough or subway line. In the next couple of months we will have a second tool that will allow people to reserve a GED test seat. We’d love to get feedback on the website from you and your readers.

    Nell Eckersley
    Literacy Assistance Center
    GED Compass

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