Los Angeles GED

Los Angeles GED

Looking for GED classes in Los Angeles?  Hopefully this article will help.

Finding Los Angeles GED Info isn’t Easy

I’m a little surprised that in using Google, I am having some trouble finding quick and easy information on preparing for and passing the GED test in Los Angeles.   When I wrote my blog article on New York City GED finding information for NYC and the GED was much easier.  But read this entire article and you will know more about the California GED and preparing/taking the GED test in Los Angeles.

First Step, Visit California State’s Official GED Site for Information

If you have any question about taking the GED test in California, visiting California’s official website and researching California GED Questions would be a good first start.

The California GED site is a bit confusing when compared to other state GED websites like New York.  For example, the New York state’s official website will tell you both where GED test locations and GED preparation centers are located.  California would do well to follow New York’s example and improve their official website on the GED.

After you’ve read this entire article, then click on California GED Questions to learn more about GED testing in California.

Second Step, Important, Telephone the Los Angeles Unified School District

After you’ve read this article, visit the Los Angeles Unified School District web page.  Or just dial their phone number at (213) 765-2573.

The Los Angeles Unified School District is the best resource I have found regarding preparing for and taking the GED in Los Angeles.

This Saturday I telephoned (213) 765-2573 and heard a phone message where I learned the following:

  1. Registering for the California GED will take you 30 minutes in person, require some type of identification card, and cost you $125 in advance.
  2. The GED test is administered most weeks at the Abram Friedman building located at 1646 S. Olive Street, 5th Floor, Room 503, Los Angeles, CA.
  3. You can take the GED test in other locations in Los Angeles but telephoning (213) 765-2573 or visiting the Abram Friedman building would be my first step.
  4. The staff at the Abram Friedman building are available Monday through Thursday from 9 AM to 3 PM.

Third Step, Prepare for the GED Test with a Counselor and Distance Learning

Again, the Los Angeles Unified School District web site is a great help.  This school district seems to take Adult Education seriously in offering both GED preparation and GED test services.

Preparing for the GED in Los Angeles is a great place to start for GED preparation help.  Their website indicates 3 wonderful features:

  1. A GED/DL instructor will help assess your GED test strengths/weaknesses to better prepare for the GED.
  2. They will give you access to distance learning.
  3. They list over 20 school sites in and around Los Angeles that have distance learning help.

Why does a guy from Chicago, IL care about Los Angeles, CA high school dropouts?

In Chicago, IL, on my block, I can chat with high school dropouts on any given summer evening.  Nice people, they live on the block or visit friends on the block.  But as someone with 2 grown children, as someone who has taught 10,000 people how to use computers, it pains me to see talented young people accepting dead end jobs because they dropped out of high school.  This website is my effort to help high school dropouts make a positive change in their lives and get a GED.  It doesn’t really matter whether you are a Chicagoan or from LA, I hope my website helped you today.

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